The Segregation of John Muir High School

Is a PBS-quality feature documentary by Pasadena California's John Muir High School (JMHS) alumnus Pablo Miralles ('82).

In the film we see the school's unique history of racial integration, which predates the Brown vs. Board of Education decision, to its current struggles as part of the ‘failing’ and 'resegregated' public education of the 21st Century. The audience will see the effects of 40 years of funding and reform decisions which have harmed both Muir and a majority of public schools across the country.

By the end of the film, Pablo answers the question, "Would I send my son to Muir today?"

The film includes interviews with JMHS' multicultural alumni, teachers, administrators and community leaders from the 1930s to today, and examines how a diverse education generally enriches the participant while questioning why we have devalued integration today.